From the roots up we are grown from the philosophy of keeping our landscape free of unnatural disturbances and releasing the soils to power the native plants they were evolved to nourish.  Unfortunately, history has left our scenery altered and some of land’s great resources struggling to push through a bright canopy.  Through self-conscious footsteps and a nostalgic need for manual labor in the elements, it is our goal that with a LIGHT ON THE LAND philosophy we can work to Preserve our Native Resources.

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Our team is looking for a Restoration Ecologist to join us full-time. Check out the job posting to learn more about the opportunity!



As with any healthy ecosystem there isn’t simply one invertebrate or nutrient guiding the whole process. The ecosystem at NRP has been built up and strives from a building block of knowledge and skillset. Fortunately, due to complexities of our work history we have learned to thrive in a array of services.  

Meet the Team

Guided through the design of people, who are frankly, passionate about resource restoration. We are the ones who strive for natural richness within our ecosystem AND an economic resource return within our communities.

Our Work

Our work spreads across many regions and so does our clientele. Through the years we have assisted private citizens along with county, state, and federal agencies with a range of restoration projects. From the dismantling of invasive species across a landscape to conducting timber stand inventories to urban watershed restoration, a new challenge is always welcome.

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Remember, it’s your restoration. While we’re happy to offer suggestions, don’t hesitate to get detailed if you have a native resource in need of preserving. Our company is here to put feet on the ground and restore our native vegetation while meeting the demands of altered hydrology in both urban and rural communities.

We are always happy and available to come visit for a consultation.

Office Phone: (320) 752-4338

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